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Four reasons to get a professional LinkedIn profile

by Nicki
Nikki Cripps is a seasoned online copywriter based in Sydney. She has helped hun
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on Feb 10 in Uncategorized

With more than 250 million members on LinkedIn, including 5 million in Australia, chances are you have a profile up already. But is it any good? Is it time to update and refresh?

Here’s four top reasons to hire a professional to write, or review, your profile.

1. A professional LinkedIn writer knows exactly what is required to get the most from your profile. Whether you are looking to impress a new client or want to nail that new job, a polished profile will provide a recruiter or a potential client with the bulk of the information they need to make a first hand assessment about your skills and experience.

If your profile is thin, or contains gaps, it is not only a missed opportunity to sell yourself before an important meeting, it can raise doubt about your capabilities.

A profile writer will sift through what it and isn’t important, wearing an objective hat, but keep the content written with your personal voice in mind.

2. They’ll do their research on your competitors to make sure your LinkedIn profile is better. Ideally the writer will have completed a number of LinkedIn courses on writing the perfect profile and be able to share that knowledge with you.

They’ll work with you to dissect what you do and don’t like about others profiles.

From keyword research to industry jargon and language, a professional writer can incorporate all relevant terms and expressions into your profile so you look professional and knowledgeable.

3. It’s not always easy to talk, or write, about yourself. You might be fantastic at your job, but if you ever struggle with the simple question “What do you do?” then it’s likely you will find it a challenge to write about it as well. A professional profile writer will address the “who, how, what, where and why” aspects of your background, experience and qualifications so no essential information is excluded.

4. A good profile writer will look at other company members and their profiles to ensure there a “whole company” approach to the way LinkedIn profiles are written. Incorporating a company perspective about your role and function within the business adds to the authenticity of the profile, and ensure your profile fits neatly with those of your colleagues and the company objectives.

A professional LinkedIn profile writer will also give you advice on your profile image, groups to join and connections to make, to improve your overall LinkedIn presence.

To contact me about writing or updating your LinkedIn profile, please call me on 0407415493 or complete the contact page.

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Nikki Cripps is a seasoned online copywriter based in Sydney. She has helped hundreds of small businesses improve their websites with her succinct, business focussed copywriting. With a background in journalism, public relations and marketing, Nikki has been at the forefront of online content writing.
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