How to get great page rankings with your online content

Great online content is the key to good Google results

A well written website can make ALL the difference to how well, and how quickly, you will be ranked by Google.

Google recently released a list of key factors it uses to assess the quality of websites, and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting blogs on each and everyone of their helpful hints.

Overall the main message was quality. Spelling mistakes, poor use of keywords, content copied from other sites and low quality information will all contribute to a low Google ranking.

Content that matches the needs of consumers through appropriate key words and phrases will naturally return higher hits on a Google search. However, over stuffing your sites with key words or using key words to falsely attract readers will see you penalized by the search engines.

Content must be original and unique. Lifting content from other sites not only breaches all copyright laws but Google has the ability to recognize that the content has been taken from another source, and again you will be penalized.

There are several ways to perfect your content so it meets Google’s standards and attracts new customers.

Researching how customers find your site – including Google analytics and webmaster tools (both of which are free to install on your site) – is the first step to refining your content.  Checkout the free keyword tools on the internet to see how many times your products or business has been searched for in the past month.

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