Think LinkedIn is not for farmers or graziers? Here’s a few facts that might just change your mind.

  1. LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers. It is a serious platform that gives you unique opportunities to build up your network of contacts of grain buyers, stock and station owners, financial advisers, business planners, agronomists, veterinarians, farm suppliers, marketers, show organisers, fellow breeders or growers.
  2. The resources on LinkedIn are second to none. There is no other site on the internet that has a more active community willing to share research and development than LinkedIn. From articles on genetically modified grains to latest practices in artificial insemination, the LinkedIn groups and communities are exceptionally generous in sharing their resources. As it is a global site you will find information on practices occurring overseas that might not be covered in Australian publications.
  3. You’re a small business. Build your brand quickly and for little expense by establishing your personal page, highlighting your achievements, awards and experience.
  4. Recruitment and services. What ever your needs, whether it is a short term staff, a truck mechanic, a biochemist, a shearer, a fitter and turner, or if you need a new tank or shed builder, you will find them on LinkedIn. You can search by occupation or location, or you can post a job on LinkedIn.

To find out more about creating or improving your LinkedIn profile contact me on 0407415493 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I have had extensive experience in agribusiness so understand all issues relating to the rural sector.